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We bought a serta king size bed/box spring, (memory foam). We paid over 1200.00.

It is suppose to go back to normal after getting out of it. Well let me tell you it only got worse. It is like having a speed bump between my husband and I. It doesn't go back to normal it sent us both to the chiropractor where we have spent thousands of dollars on our backs and neck!

Robb Mee was our salesman! Dave Tom the manager refuse to do anything!!! If the name fits wear it, Robb Mee has never called us once from the git go. We went down there three times and keep getting the run around.

They had some mattress technician come look at our mattress three months ago, they said nothing wrong with it. We kept calling and complaining. We talked to Dave Tom the manager and he said they lost the report from the technician. So he came out again, still nothing wrong.

BS! I say they sleep on it one night and tell me nothing is wrong with it!! The customer service was the worst! The manager is an *** and the technician is ***!

I do not recommend this store to anyone! Beware of the BS. Robb Mee you should quit your job before we start to picket the place.

I am so ready to do it. Signs are just about finished...Here I come!

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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You are an *** who obviously has no class if all you are going to do is run your mouth about people who I might add did not make the mattress yet they deserve to be berated on the Internet. Learn some manners.

to Anonymous #1299718

I can see you are a bit of a *** ant and a dumb***. I also have been ripped off these crooks.

They are responsible to warranty what they sell. Will never spend another dime with these crooks.


We have also had issues with Robb and Dave at this store. We were told the morning of our delivery that only half of our items would be coming.

It has been almost two weeks and we still do not have all of our items. We spoke with Dave and he could have cared less about our issues.

The Delivery guys were horrible, they could have cared less that they were assembling our furniture on bare concrete. We really regret that we did not go with the Orleans set at Haverty's but be rest assured we will never purchase another item from this company!!


We purchased a Stearns and Foster Silver Dream King mattress with the adjustable temper pedic box springs. It was supposed to be a firm mattress but within two months it started sagging, and it has a hole on my side of at least four inches and same for my wifes side of the bed with a high spot in between.

It will look normal but with any weight and you go to the bottom. I spoke with the manager Dave and he said that they did not sell them anymore and I had to deal with Sealy who owns Stears & Foster. Knoxville Wholesale pretty much dismissed us. When I called Sealy they sent me a warranty application and wanted pictures and information.

We took pictures of the mattress and the box springs but unless you lay down on the bed you can't tell how bad it is. They also wanted the Law Tags but we could not find any tags on the mattress anywhere that had the information they required. My wife has back problems and this did not help her and i did not have back problems since we purchased this mattress I have stiffnes and a sore lower back every morning. My wife is having neck problems.

We were misled by both Dave and the sales woman that this was a firm mattress. I talked to sealy they said that this mattress is not a firm mattress.

This mattress could be the floor model but we cannot know for sure. We paid $2600 for this mattress and feel we got ripped off.


I have the same mattress and have had nothing but problems with it its BS for sure we have already had it replaced 3 yrs ago from impressions and now the impressions are about 8 inch think I have put 3 pieces of faom to lift the mattress back up help a little but still have not had a good nights sleep in 2 years I will never buy a mattress with memory foam again nor will I have guardsman come clean a stain on the bed cause there the ones that runied my bed to begin with..

to lmpenrod Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States #700932

How do you know you have the same one!

Wow you people slay me!

You make a bad purchase, you didn't do the research, then you blame the retailer!

to Anonymous #1299720

Wish you were closer so we could........And what business do you have running your suck here when you are out of state? Related to the so-called Christian owners?


No they will do nothing. They said nothing is wrong!

Serta wont do anything either.

I am very upset. Good luck!!


I am having a similar problem right now and with the exact people that you are talking about! Did you ever get this problem resolved.

I have a Southerland mattress and I contacted Southerland and they sent me the warranty packet to fill out myself which sounds wonderful except that it is huge and requires me to do a heck of a lot and can take weeks. I couldn't even get Knoxville Wholesale Furniture to come out to my house to look at my mattress.

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